What causes Hair to fall?

To understand the causes of hair loss, we first need to understand what makes a hair grow.  A normal human scalp contains about 100,000 hair follicles, which like other organs are with you since birth, with time they mature and further deteriorate.  A healthy follicle produces a healthy hair, nurture and maintains it, and eventually sheds it off to grow another hair.  This process is possible only if follicle is able to absorb nutrients from blood, maintain its health and size, and is without any infection or blockage.  There are sebaceous glands attached to each follicle, supplying sebum or an oily substance rich in vitamin E to lubricate the surface skin.  A normal hair goes through 3 phases in life where in first it grows and keep growing, which usually lasts for 2-6 years, in second phase hair gradually cuts self off from the hair producing cells and nutrient supply in 2-3 weeks, and finally in third phase it completely stops growing and simply rests on the scalp before falling off in about 3-5 months.


Having understood how a hair grows and eventually fall, we now understand that if we prolong the primary growth phase of hair, we are going to have hair staying on our head for a longer time.  Though every falling hair is replaced by a new hair, but with time and for various factors, which we’ll discuss, the health of hair follicle and the ability of stem cells to produce new hair reduces and gradually each newly produced hair falls prematurely and eventually the follicle is in such state that it is not capable of producing any hair at all.


Now let us discuss the reasons which affect the ability of a hair follicle to produce a healthy hair.  As you know a human body is a complete system with various organs attached to each other and affecting functioning of each other, so hair too get affected by functioning of different organs present in the body.  There can be internal or external reasons affecting hair and scalp heath, internal issues are hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, stress, diseases, genetic causes, overactive sebaceous glands, etc., whereas external causes are rough weather, environmental pollution, tight or traction-producing hairstyling, harsh hair-care products, fungal or other infections affecting scalp health, etc.



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